STP 06-30-2015: Very Limited Storm Coverage

Issue Date: 6/30/2015
Issue Time: 9:00AM

Drying from above was a formidable obstacle for thunderstorm development on Monday. Storms that were able to form looked very impressive for one or two radar scans (radar scans are about 6 minutes apart), before their dry downdrafts evaporated the storm structure from within. Only limited rainfall actually made it to the ground. The highest official 24-hour rainfall totals came from the San Juan region with a few reports around 0.25 inches. Otherwise, our radar estimated rainfall map, below, shows one storm in eastern Lincoln and western Kit Carson counties that may have delivered over 0.5 inches to mainly rural areas.

Switching topics a bit, in all of Colorado only one stream flow gage officially remains in Minor flood stage: the Arkansas River at Avondale (just downstream of Pueblo). Flows jumped up just a bit overnight due to releases from the nearly full Pueblo Reservoir. All in all, it seems we can finally close the book on the impressive 2015 snow melt season here in Colorado.