STP 07-27-2015: Lots of Action East of the Divide, Drier to the West

Issue Date: July 27th, 2015
Issue Time: 9:15AM


It was a two sided weather story yesterday across Colorado. While areas west of the Divide dried out during the afternoon, a passing disturbance ignited thunderstorm activity over the eastern Plains. Not surprisingly, with moisture increasing strongly as initial storms marched eastward, heavy rainfall rates were observed. The heaviest official rainfall was seen in Prowers and Lincoln counties where several locations picked up about 2 inches. As is common in the summertime, most of this rain likely fell in a period of about an hour.

In addition, many hail reports were received with the strongest storms. The largest hail of about 1.75 inches fell in Logan County, while many other reports ranging from nickel size to ping pong size were received in Washington, Morgan and Kit Carson counties. Finally, gusty winds were observed across many locations, from the foothills all the way to the Kansas and Nebraska borders. Widespread gusts up to 60 mph was noted as the initial thunderstorms merged into storm complexes over Yuma, Cheyenne and Kit Carson counties.

All in all, 14 weather warnings were issued by area National Weather Service offices. Six of them were flood related, 8 were severe weather related. As of this morning, no official flooding reports were received. However, it should be noted that some of the strongest rainfall occurred over rural regions and may have been missed.

For an estimate of 24-hour rainfall that occurred in your area, please check out our radar based map below. Since this is only an estimate, please be aware that some rain totals (for example, eastern Prowers County) may be greatly overestimated due to hail contamination.

Storm Total Precip Legend