STP 07-31-2015: Some Of The Season’s Heaviest Rainfall Seen Over The Northeast Plains

Issue Date: July 31, 2015
Issue Time: 9:00AM


Though storm coverage was limited on Thursday, the storms that did form were quite impressive. With subtropical moisture feeding in from western Mexico, storms were able to produce extremely efficient rainfall. The most noteworthy storm of the day was observed over Yuma County during the mid and late afternoon hours. An initial thunderstorm eventually led to the development of a small complex of slow moving storms. During their peak intensity, these storms were able to produce about 2.8 inches of rain in 30 minutes! We believe that this is the heaviest rainfall rate observed anywhere across the state thus far this season. With this kind of rain rate, it was not surprising to see flooding reports: 3 reports across Yuma County noted up to a foot of water covering roadways. It is interesting to note that these storms were so confined (and moved over relatively rural land) that the highest observed CoCoRaHS report was a 24-hour total of only 2.1 inches. In addition to the rainfall, very strong winds up to 80 mph accompanied this storm complex, knocking down trees up to one foot in diameter.

Elsewhere, heavy rainfall was observed in far southeast Colorado, with a report in Baca County of right around 2 inches. Rain also fell in the higher terrain of the Southeast Mountains and San Juan Mountains. There, reports were limited to the 0.4 – 0.75 inch range.

For an estimate of 24-hour rainfall that occurred in your area, please check out our radar based map below.

Storm Total Precip Legend