STP 05-28-2016: Cool, rainy (and snowy) May continued for many

Issue Date: Saturday, May 28th, 2016
Issue Time: 9:05AM MDT

Compared to Thursday, Friday saw a downtick in rainfall intensity. However, rainfall coverage remained high with many areas both east and west of the Divide experiencing a shower or two. Farther east, where easterly upslope winds remained (associated with a weakening Kansas low), stronger storms were found. In particular, a sequence of strong storms passed through Kiowa and Cheyenne counties resulting in over 2 inches of rainfall across a wide area, hail up to 1 inch and several tornado reports near Towner. Aside from this region, many other locations statewide picked up anywhere between 0.25 and 0.6 inches of beneficial rain.

Of course, not be outdone, the higher terrain received measurable snow for a second straight day. Up to 3 inches was the norm for scattered locations above 9,000 feet. For many locations above 10,000 feet, over 12 inches of snow water equivalent (SWE) is still on the ground. This time of year, 1 inch of SWE is roughly equal to about 3-5 inches of actual snowdepth. For all you skiers, this morning’s snow update from Arapahoe Basin showed an impressive snowpack of just under 5 feet! It looks like June skiing will once again be had.

No official flooding reports were received yesterday, though it is likely that field flooding occurred in Kiowa County in association with the repeated strong thunderstorms moving through.

For specific rainfall estimates in your area, please check our STP map below.

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