STP 07-30-2016: Northwest Flow Aloft Promotes another Large Hail Day

Issue Date: Saturday, July 30th, 2016
Issue Time: 9:00 AM MDT


Dry air out west kept areas west of the Front Range and Southeast Mountains mainly dry and hot, with only a couple isolated, high-based showers/thunderstorms over the higher terrain. These storms produced very little rain, if any, and mainly resulted in gusty outflow winds. To the east, low-level moisture was better, and isolated-to-widely scattered thunderstorms rumbled. Bouts with heavy rain, large hail, and strong winds accompanied the strongest storms. It was Weld County’s turn to take the brunt of the hail, as the severe storm reports below show:

2.5 inch hail: 2 miles ESE of Milton Reservoir (Weld)
2.00 inch hail: Natural Fort Rest Area (Weld), 4 miles E of Lucerne (Weld), 1 mile NE of Fort Lupton (Weld)
1.75 inch hail: 1 mile NW of Ault (Weld), 2 miles NE of Milton Reservoir (Weld), 3 miles N of Greeley (Weld), Ault (Weld), 2 miles NW of Nunn (Weld), 4 miles E of Pierce (Weld), 7 miles SE of Carr (Weld)
1.50 inch hail: S Carr (Weld), Eaton (Weld), NW Pierce (Weld), 1 mile SSW of Fort Lupton (Weld)
1.25 inch hail: Roggen (Weld), ENE Eaton (Weld)
1.0 inch hail: Cripple Creek (Teller), 4 miles W of Carr (Larimer), 1 mile E of Greeley (Weld)

No flash flooding was reported. For a closer look at rainfall totals in your area, please see the STP map below for a look at 24-hour precipitation totals.

Storm Total Precip Legend