STP 08-27-2016: More Activity West of the Divide, A Couple Stronger Thunderstorms East

Issue Date: Friday, May 1st, 2015
Issue Time: 9:00 AM MDT


Another upper-level shortwave passed overhead yesterday afternoon/evening, kicking off scattered showers/storms across the Western Slope and High Country. Daytime heating early in the day undoubtedly helped provide the necessary fuel, and a few thunderstorms produced locally moderate-to-heavy rainfall. Storm motions helped mitigate the flood threat, however, and no flash flooding was reported. To the east of the Divide, extensive cloud cover left over from early morning showers/storms limited heating, thus limiting instability, and the environment could only muster a couple isolated showers/storms.

According to CoCoRaHS observers and NRCS Stations, these were the rainfall “winners” from the past 24 hours (as of 7:00 AM MDT):

Pueblo County: 1.65 inches
Yuma County: 0.71 inches
Morgan County: 0.54 inches
Montrose County, Grand County: 0.40 inches
Weld County: 0.33 inches
San Juan County, Broomfield County: 0.30 inches

No flash flooding was reported. For a closer look at rainfall totals in your area, please see the STP map below for a look at 24-hour precipitation totals.

Storm Total Precip Legend