FTB 09-26-2016: Great Early Fall Day

Issue Date: Monday, September 26th, 2016
Issue Time: 9:15AM MDT

~ Flooding is not expected today for all regions.

Dry weather will continue today as any chances of precipitation remain well to the south and east and as the High Pressure centered over the Great Basin develops further. Since the circulation around a high pressure is clockwise, and in combination with the associated ridge at upper levels, winds will tend to be out of the northwest today as Colorado is at the leading edge of this high pressure. The air mass that is associated with the high pressure will remain dry and stable as can be seen in the IPW graph below, producing what is going to shape up to be a very nice day for all regions. Frost conditions from yesterday’s lows will yield to slightly warmer temperatures today (4 to 8 degrees higher than yesterday) that should continue to warm throughout the week.


Today’s Flood Threat Map

For more information on today’s flood threat, see the map below (hover over threat areas for more details). For Zone-Specific forecasts, jump below the map.

Flood Threat Legend

Zone-Specific Forecasts

All Zones:

It will be dry and sunny today with light winds coming out of the northwest with the approach of a High Pressure from the west. Look for temperatures to be seasonal with a 4 – 8 degree warmup from yesterday. The influence of the Low that formed to the southwest will not impact the region today as all moisture will remain to the south. Enjoy another great day for golf if you can!