STP 05-26-2017: Heavy Rain, Wind, Hail, Tornadoes All In The Mix On Thursday

Issue Date: Friday, May 26th, 2017
Issue Time: 10:45AM MDT


A large disturbance moving in from the northwest began to affect Colorado on Thursday. Showers and thunderstorms were scattered west of the Continental Divide, and much more numerous to the east, especially across the Northeast Plains. Most activity was fairly benign with rainfall up to 0.5 inches commonly seen. However, a few storms farther east caused large hail (up to 3 inches near the KS border!), a few tornadoes and heavy rainfall exceeding 1.5 inches per hour. Highest observed rainfall amounts were about 0.75 inches. However, in rural areas of Washington and Yuma counties, heavier rainfall likely occurred.

In addition to the precipitation, strong winds affected many locations yesterday. Some wind damage was observed over the Southwest Slope, while elsewhere wind gusts in the 45-60 mph range were common across higher elevation locations.

For precipitation estimates in your area, check out our Precipitation Map below. Flooding was not reported on Thursday.

Storm Total Precip Legend