STP 05-27-2017: Another Day Of Severe Weather, Along With Heavy Rain

Issue Date: Saturday, May 27th, 2017
Issue Time: 10:20AM MDT


Friday’s thunderstorm activity started around noon, but did not look like it would be all that impressive until later afternoon. At that point, two distinct storm complexes began to cause impacts. A lone supercell-type storm cross southeastward over the Northeast Plains, producing hail up to 2 inches, heavy rainfall and multiple reports of funnels before moving out into Kansas. By early evening, another complex of thunderstorms formed over the higher terrain of the Palmer Ridge, these storms continued to organize as they moved eastward. They produced over 1 inch of quick rainfall, with up to 2.5 inches of rainfall observed in Yuma and Kit Carson counties. Maximum CoCoRaHS reports yesterday were about 2.55 inches with even higher rainfall very likely falling between rain gages. Flash flood warnings were issued by late evening, with Flood Advisories continuing into this morning. Flooding was reported in Yuma County with the observer stating that several smaller roads were washed out.

Elsewhere, scattered showers and weak thunderstorms were noted across mainly northern CO with a few tenths of an inch of rainfall common.

For precipitation estimates in your area, check out our Precipitation Map below.

Storm Total Precip Legend