SPM 08-19-2017: Enjoyable Sunshine with Isolated Light Showers

Issue Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017
Issue Time: 10:15AM MDT


Another quiet day yesterday with partly cloudy skies over the mountains in the afternoon. The low moisture in the boundary layer was further scoured out by light, westerly flow. Limited instability and lack of moisture evaporated most storms that attempted to form. Showers over the mountains and adjacent plains produced precipitation totals under 0.25 inches. Not surprisingly, there were no flood reports yesterday. As far as high temperatures, portions of the eastern plains and SW corner of the state were just over 90F. A handful of places in the mountains were able to reach the 80F mark. Those highs today will likely repeat themselves and even increase a couple degrees.

The solar eclipse will begin Monday around 10:20AM (for the Denver area) with the peak sun cover just after 11:45AM. With no forecasted monsoon surge on Monday and the upper-level ridging pattern in place over the state, it looks like it will be a great viewing. There may be a few cumulus clouds that form during the event, but obstruction will be intermittent. For any other information about the eclipse itself, hop on over to the dedicated NASA page (https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov).

Since all rainfall totals were under 0.25 inches yesterday, there is no reflectivity on the SPM map below. Apologies for the old SPM map, there are technical difficulties with the new SPM map.

Storm Total Precip Legend