SPM 08-26-2017: A Few Thunderstorms Rumbled

Issue Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017
Issue Time: 10:55 AM MDT


The hot August sun battled the upper-level ridge to produce isolated showers and garden-variety thunderstorms yesterday. Most locations that received rainfall were treated to light accumulations of less than 0.1 inches. However, a convergence zone set up just to the east/southeast of the South Platte River in eastern Colorado, forcing a couple of strong thunderstorms to produce brief periods of moderate-to-heavy rainfall and pockets of hail. According to NWS local storm reports, 0.75 inch diameter hail was reported 9 miles ESE of Holyoke (Phillips County) and 1.0 inch diameter hail was reported 6 miles SE of Holyoke (Phillips County).

Flash flooding was not reported on Friday. For a look at precipitation estimates in your area, please see our State Precipitation Map below.