SPM 08-12-2018: Largely Dry, but Fortunately no New Fires Either

Issue Date: Sunday, August 12th, 2018
Issue Time: 09:50 AM MDT


Very little precipitation was reported across the whole of Colorado yesterday, with just isolated shower and thunderstorm activity reported across the Elk Mountains and San Juan Mountains. In fact, our top two credible rainfall reports from yesterday were just 0.2” at two low-resolution SNOTEL sites, Stump Lakes (La Plata County) and Sharkstooth (Montezuma County). Not a single CoCoRaHS observer statewide reported more than 0.03” of rain yesterday. Fortunately, however, no new significant fire incidents were reported yesterday either, which is lucky given the likelihood of some scattered dry lightning across the southern mountains yesterday. We’ll be monitoring both rainfall and dry lightning across portions of the state again today.

To see how much precipitation fell over your area yesterday, scroll down to the State Precipitation Map below.

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The map below shows radar-estimated, rainfall gage-adjusted Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE) across Colorado. The map is updated daily during the operational season (May 1 – Sep 30) by 11AM. The following six layers are currently available: 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour total precipitation, as well as maximum 1-hour, 2-hour and 6-hour precipitation over the past 24 hour period (to estimate where flash flooding may have occurred). The 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour total precipitation contain bias corrections that are not disaggregated into the hourly estimates, so there will likely be some differences. The accumulation ending time is 6AM of the date shown in the bottom right corner. Also shown optionally are fire burn areas (post 2012), which are updated throughout the season to include new burn areas. The home button in the top left corner resets the map to the original zoom.