FTB 09-15-2021: Quiet Weather & Above Average Temperatures Return

Issue Date: Wednesday, September 15th, 2021
Issue Time: 9AM MDT

— Flooding is NOT expected today

Outside of some fog and cloud cover over the eastern border counties, it’s a clear and cool start to the morning. North and northwest flow has pulled in a dry air mass across the state, which is helping to produce the clear skies seen in the visible satellite imagery below. As anticipated, PW over Grand Junction and Denver has dropped to under a half inch with the dry air overhead. With subsidence behind the departing trough and a very dry atmosphere, rainfall is not expected today. The sinking air will also help to increase high temperatures when compared to yesterday, so expect above average temperatures to return. Flooding is NOT expected today.

Today’s Flood Threat Map

For more information on today’s flood threat, see the map below. If there is a threat, hover over the threat areas for more details, and click on burn areas to learn more about them. For Zone-Specific forecasts, scroll below the threat map.

Zone-Specific Forecasts:

Northwest Slope, Northern Mountains, Grand Valley, San Juan Mountains, Central Mountains & Southwest Slope:

Afternoon temperatures will be on the rise, and highs in the upper 80Fs to low 90Fs are forecast for the lower elevations. Over the mountain valleys, highs should reach into the upper 70Fs to low 80Fs. Rainfall is not anticipated today, so be sure to get out and enjoy the blue skies and limited smoke over the state.

Northeast Plains, Southeast Plains, Urban Corridor, Raton Ridge, San Luis Valley, Front Range, Southeast Mountains & Palmer Ridge:

Even with the cool down yesterday, temperatures are expected to quickly rebound this afternoon. Highs over the I-25 Corridor will reach into the upper 80Fs and possibly reach 90F. Over the plains, 90Fs are forecast south with upper 80Fs over the central and northern plains. Mountain locations should reach into the uppers 70Fs with low 80Fs forecast for the SLV. Rainfall is not anticipated today, and the cloud cover and fog over the plains should dissipate with a little daytime heating.